PLEASE HELP - I've spent hundreds on ads with no sales conversions

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Hey everyone,

I have built my online store and after few reviews I have fix it and quite happy to start proper marketing. I have spent hundreds on ads - google, facebook mostly, but no sales. Is my store or product that bad? I've had a lot of traffic on website but no sale, no added to cart, no checkout.


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If you advertise on google it´s better! but you might need to have patience to wait a bit longer for their digital intelligent to crawl and index your shop, your products , shipping, payment pages etc. Atleast 30 days minimum. What i have learned is also that You might consider paying extra care on your products incase you are droop-shipping! Am not quite sure if google is a fan of droop-shipping business model. 

You can also contact the customer care on the Apps you use for marketing on shopify . They do offer professional helps.

As for your shop site, it looks very nice i will say.  Good job indeed! 

Do you use google merchant? i will recommend using it , if you don´t. Because people search in google most of the time than at Facebook. Even though both are quite very good to driving traffic but when it comes to shopping i do believe that people traditionally opt-in to google.

Also your product is a factor. If you use google trend to monitor your product or niche, you will definitely know where you stand! However, i will recommend you to stick to your passion because you FIRST. Doing what you like is cool indeed. 

That´s all i have, i hope it help you somehow.