Please help me spend my $100 Google AdWords

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My store has been live for a few days now. I haven’t sold anything yet and I want to lure in the punters with a Google AdWords campaign.

I don’t want to waste the money so I would really appreciate some input.

I sell vegan skincare including self-tanning products and my website is here:

Many thanks,


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I than recommend Google Shopping, as the intent of buying is very high. Spending money here will be the most effective.


For this you will need to setup a Google Merchant account and plugin a feed. Than setup a shopping campaign.

More info :


Hope it helps.

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Thanks Emanuel. I will look at this in the future. For now I have a $100 AdWords credit, so I want to use that first. 

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Sign up
Then use up your $100

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Actually I am a bit disappointed with this. Shopify say they give you $100 of free AdWords but it doesn’t really work like that. You have to use $25 of your own money and then only after 27th February (ie 2 months away) you get your $100. 

It’s a bit misleading.

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Hi Samantha,

Before investing in the Adwords make sure that you hide "blog" or just create the firest post. Right now I see there is no posts at all, it might affect on the trust factor of your website.

Next, add some live videos or your personal photo with products at About Us page :). It'll definitely increase the trust one more time in addition to the above suggestion. You can use any apps related to the page building from Shopify App store

There are free and paid with the trial time. From my personal opinion it's the latest things to do before getting the traffic to your store.


Going further with the Adwords, I'm curious where are you going to drive the traffic? I mean the landing page. And which keyword are you going to target? 

The tool might help you with finding the right keyword ideas. The rest is about testing and looking for the conversion with sales.


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Hi Tony,

Thanks for your reply. I deleted the blog for now. My problem is that the $100 AdWords credit doesn’t work. I’m not sure what to do.




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I'm going through the same process. I think you have to spend $25 first before you can use the $100 credit. 

P.S. Your website is beautiful and so is your product concept!