Please tell me how to Set up Facebook Niche Custom Conversion for Purchase Correctly?

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Hi, Shopify Guru/experts:


My Shopify store: is generic store. My products have different niches. I want to create a few niches custom conversion for purchase on Facebook to track each niche custom conversion purchase, such as Eagles gear purchase( I don't need to track the value at all), Patriots gear purchase, Steelers gear purchase, Warriors gear purchase, such and so on.

I created 4 niches Custom Conversion for purchase, but these 4 purchase Custom Conversion pixel didn't get triggered after I have a few orders on each niche. So, I have a doubt that I created them wrong. The following is the screenshot how I created Eagles gear niche Custom Conversion for Purchase. Please tell me if it is correct?


If not correct, please tell me how to make it right?

And also, I got a stupid way from Youtube video which he said it works. The following is screenshot:




I don't know if it works or not, but I don't think is the good way. Since it can't include all products in that niche. The worse, I can't add new products into this Custom Conversion. You know, I will continue to add new products into my store on this niche, if I created my Eagles Purchase Custom Conversion in this way, then, it definitely can't track the newly added products conversion, that result in the purchase conversion tracking not accurate. If I create a new custom conversion pixel to include newly added products, then I lost the old tracking data. Therefore, this is not the right way too. 
Dear Shopify gurus/experts, please help me to solve this big problem as soon as possible in order to let me run facebook ad correctly. Thanks!



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