Poor conversion rate, cheap CPC, high traffic. HELP Please!

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Hi everyone!


We just wanted to reach out on the forums to see if anyone could help us out or give us some pointers. Maybe a fresh set of eyes can help point out any flaws on our site. 


We were selling mostly wholesale before but now with all that is going on, we need to try and expand our D2C channel to keep things alive. We just started running some ads and we're getting clicks for around 7 cents which seems relatively cheap, but we aren't converting. Maybe there's something wrong with the site that isn't clear to us and is affecting our conversion rate. The average time on page is around 53 seconds. So people are scrolling and viewing content. We have some pretty good incentives with discounts and free shipping but nothing seems to be helping.


Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


The store is www.zerowastemvmt.com 


Thanks in advance!



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Hey Zac -


Where are you getting your clicks? A low cost is only part of the equation; they need to be in your target market and those people need a reason to purchase. Spending habits are changing drastically right now and historical conversion rates are much less relevant right now. 

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Nice website.

Before anything I would like to ask you what type of ad campaigns are you running, like search display or any other.

Well, if talking about ads for an B2C ecommerce website the best type of ads are the shopping ads because the visitor has already seen the price and the image of the product so he/she is more likely to purchase it if compared to any search or display ad.

So, we recommend you to run a shopping ad campaign for all your products, just keep an eye on the search terms, so that you don’t show your ad to unwanted search queries.  
Also, if you are running ads, remarketing is an essential aspect which can’t be ignored.

Feel free for further discussion 

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There is no easy way to increase conversion rate, but you can at least try to follow e-commerce best practices for product, cart, category pages.

Here it's a simple and easy-to-follow e-commerce checklist for Shopify stores - https://www.ecommerceconversionchecklist.com/?sh-com
It has more than 100 e-commerce guidelines with a lot of examples, so it's easy to understand what you need to do to fix a problem

Hope it will help

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Hey Zac,


My only major suggestion: More pictures!


Consumers are different from wholesale, they want to know exactly what they're getting. Get creative with the pictures - show individual items in packages or multiple angles, add some "action" shots (like your straws in a drink, utensils with a healthy meal, etc). A human face also helps bring pics to life (I think faces are known to increase sales, but I don't have the data to back that up haha).


Also, I met Liza on these forums, she created a Facebook group to help sustainable-minded businesses grow. She's been very helpful to me!



*Quick Edit* Also, don't beat yourself up. COVID has been making it much more difficult for people to spend money, and for shops to sell. Take your time, try to grow an audience during this time with helpful advice/social media if you can, and keep up the good work 🙂

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Many stores seem to be facing the same issue - spending $$$ on paid ads to get traffic to their store - but they’re not seeing enough conversions from paid traffic. 

One thing to check is that the landing page you’re directing visitors to is what they’re expecting to see when they click on your advert. For example, if you’re promoting a particular product, make sure your URL points directly to that page. Or if you’re promoting a store-wide sale, make sure you’re pointing visitors to a specific landing page for those. Additionally, it helps if your store design looks great and is easy to navigate. And that your store loads quickly. (No-one likes a slow-loading website).


One thing you might not have considered is trying to reuse your paid traffic by retargeting visitors with a welcome greeting, promo campaign or abandoned carts campaign. In the case of abandoned carts, you can set up a flow of messages to be triggered automatically whenever a would-be shopper leaves an item in their cart, either through web push notifications, SMS or email. For best results, it’s a good idea to combine all three channels (an omnichannel approach) - that way you have more chance of reaching people and attracting their attention. To start with, try push notifications, as these provide the cheapest way of retargeting visitors. You can then use other channels afterwards if you don’t get the results you want. 


Push notifications offer the excellent advantage of being able to track abandoned carts without your subscribers having to leave their email address or phone number at checkout. This means they can capture a larger proportion of abandoned carts, compared to SMS and email. Here’s an example of how this could work:


Omnichannel approach by Firepush.jpg

Imagine someone visits your store by clicking on your paid advert. Once on your store website, they sign up to receive web push notifications. (This is something you can set up with an app like Firepush; it actually has all three channels in the one app and enables you to set up campaigns from a single dashboard.) So that person browses your site and adds an item to their cart before clicking away. If you’ve created a flow of automated abandoned cart campaigns, these will be triggered automatically. That person then receives an alert through their web browser which they’ll see on their phone or desktop device, perhaps with a time-limited discount code to tempt them to continue through to checkout. 


This is how you can make use of your paid traffic so that it works more in your favor and actually helps visitors to become customers.


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Hi Zac! 

I agree with other responses that this is a crazy time during COVID, and spending habits continue to evolve. That being said, I have found that evaluating visitor behavior provides answers to questions like yours fairly quickly. 


First, a question: Do you know what people are doing on your website? That’s really going to be the answer to your conversion question in relation to your site. Heatmaps (to see where people are clicking) or session recordings (to watch what’s happening during visits) let you see the visitor behavior insights to really dig into what’s going on.


I suggest watching heatmaps to find:

  • How far they scroll down the page
  • Where they are clicking or not clicking
  • Do different CPC campaign traffic interact differently?
  • What areas do visitors seem to show interest in?

I personally use session recordings to evaluate CPC campaigns by watching people who came from CPC but didn’t convert. I want to see how people read, what they are doing and if there are any words they hover over. It’s the details that help understand my CPC campaigns (Am I attracting the right audience? Am I targeting the right keywords?) and find ways that improve my website and conversions. 


For your site, I would be curious if you’re losing them after the video. The image with the bowl and testimonials seems to belong to a different site altogether. It could be something to evaluate to drive up those conversions. Is there a different way you can highlight those reviews? 


When you mentioned that you have pretty good incentives with discounts and free shipping,  I couldn’t find any mention of it on your site or Kickstarter. If that’s an incentive, get it out there. I also found that the discount doesn’t really stand out.It’s hard to see the value of it. 


Once I saw what was included in the Starter Kit, I was on board. But if visitors are like me, they will scroll to the bottom, see the Starter Kit details but forget about how much they would save. OR they won’t scroll to Starter Kit info and not see the value of your kickstarter. 


Test out adding in more detail into your header, such as adding in what the kickstarter includes.

Consider running a poll for a few days or a week (depending on traffic), such as “What stopped you from backing us on Kickstarter today?” or “What’s your biggest hesitation in joining the Zero Waste Movement?”

I’ve found on my own site that asking direct questions can yield amazing insight I didn’t know before. For example, you may find that price is still a big factor for your visitors or they don’t know if it fits into their lives.With that information, you could tweak your value propositions to appeal more to them.

Lastly, I can’t ignore the Messenger chat. Having a chat is better than nothing, but I don’t like that the Messenger chat takes visitors off of your site. Do you know how many people are returning a few times before converting? If it’s low, sending them to Messenger isn’t going to help that.

Different live chat systems would let you answer questions while they are still on your website. They may make the difference in helping someone decide to convert. You could use auto invites which would trigger a chat invitation once the visitor meets your specific criteria, like spending more than 20 seconds on your page. It helps initiate assistance when your visitors may need it.

I really think that visitor behavior is going to help you see what’s stopping people from converting.  Lucky Orange has heatmaps, recordings, polls and live chat with a free trial (no catch, no credit card needed) and plans that start at US $10/month.


Good luck, Zac. I believe you’ll see the conversion struggle turn around soon!

Cheers -


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Hi @zerowastemvmt 

I think this writing will help you: What is a Good Conversion Rate for Shopify? How to improve it?. As the title, this writing will not only tell you about What is a good conversion rate, how to calculate conversion rates but it also tells you how to improve conversion rates. 

Hope it helps!


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 There is no easy way to increase conversion rate, but you can at least attempt to follow e-commerce best practices. I’ll leave a few things that come in really handy to increase the conversion rate.

  1. Add a pop-up to your site
  2. Remove unnecessary form fields
  3. Add testimonials, reviews, and logos
  4. Remove distractions
  5. Make the initial step easy
  6. Add a third-party signup service
  7. Strengthen your CTA copy
  8. Add live chat to your site
  9. Try another offer
  10. Offer a money-back guarantee
  11. Add a countdown timer
  12. Add a point of purchase upsell
  13. A/B test your headlines

Hope these things work out for you!