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Good day 

I have been experiencing poor SEO rankings on both my Shopify stores which make use of the Venture theme (in case this has anything to do with it). www.GoUAV.co.za , www.GoThermal.co.za

My companies are the authorized distributors for our products, contain far more comprehensive information on our products than our dealers and receive more traffic than our dealers and yet our core products rank very poorly, some between position 50 - 100 whilst our dealers who take excerpts of our pages, all rank first and second page in google with their basic and sometimes poor websites. I have structured our collection and product pages with Meta titles, descriptions, good use of header tags, anchor links, and internal links, youtube videos, image tags, optimized images, ran SEO checks, checked speed and everything I can think of but cannot get individual products and collection pages to rank well. 

As a test this week I listed the exact same product and data on our wholesale website which is hosted on Wix, and immediately after indexing took 3rd place spot on Google and have maintained this position the whole week whilst there's been no improvement with the Shopify site. 

Could this be theme related, Speed related ? or could it be a Shopify thing that google doesn't rank the product and collection pages? I had the same issues with the previous theme that ran for around 18 months and still battled with product and collection page rankings. On the other hand, my home page ranks really well and we hold position 1 for our core brand name keywords. Products and collections, however, are completely different.  I'm very frustrated and would appreciate any advice or assistance. Thanks in advance. 


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Hi Phil,


Working with SEO for many years I feel your frustration. The home page would in many cases rank well with your brand keyword. I think you'll need to check the targeted keyword with Difficulty Score. I usually use keywordtool.io or Uber Suggest.


I have also looked at your store and see collections and product pages are indexed normally. So that's not actually the issue with indexing. My assumption is about the keyword competition, onpage and need to push some traffic.




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Hi Phil,


I can feel your frustration - I did a quick SEO check of your product page, and the SEO score is definitely good - as you mentioned, you have optimized the content the right way.

Google has over 200 ranking factors that are being taken into consideration when positioning the websites in the search results. Perhaps you are not targeting the right "commercial" keywords, that will make Google want to place your website [you rank for informational keywords, reserved for blogs, comparison websites etc.].

Apart from the keywords with the right intent, the bounce rate, dwell time are also important, also the authority in your niche - you mention your dealers are ranking higher than you - perhaps because they have been trading in this niche longer than you, and are known in this niche; that could be quite a big reason why.


I'd recommend reviewing your Google Analytics account to check your bounce rate, dwell time, and also Google Console to see which keywords bring you the most traffic. If you'd need help with these, please make sure to reserve your 1-on-1 coaching consultation today: https://www.rockpapercopy.com/consultation/ and I'll be happy to guide through the areas to look for when Reviewing your Google platforms.


If you have any questions, please simply email me at maggie@rockpapercopy.info


Best regards,


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