Positive Feedback on the Unique Concept, Challenging Sales

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Hi guys,

We've launched a contemporay fashion platform Acreati.com, primarily selling independent fashion labels. Our idea is to direct customers to 'shop through visual stories', where we try to communicate the story behind designer's collection in turn facilitate buying. 

The website was launched in May last year, and the online sale has been quite challenging. We're active mainly on Instagram (@acreatiofficial). We know we have to do more in Marketing. 

Any feedbacks on the website itself and marketing tips are appreciated!

Here is a survey we're running, we'd highly appreciate if you can take 3 minutes time to answer the survey. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/LB9Y2G8


Thank you!



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The stor is Looking beautiful <3 I am really a lover of minimal design. But when I am clicking on shop it's stuck three and taking infinite time to load 

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