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Hello all,


this is my first post in this forum. (sorry for possible grammar mistakes)

I don't want to be pesky or annoying, but I have been working with Facebook Ads for several years now, I'm running some really profitable ad campaigns and I see quite a lot of misleading information or misunderstanding in this forum. Due to the fact shopify is a wonderful and easy to use platform a lot of e-commerce beginners start with it. And it's wonderful. However their understanding about e-marketing is a bit shallow.

So I would like to give you some tips from my experience

First of all: if you try to invest only 10 dollars in Facebook ads and try to get 20 back, nothing will happen. (I'm talking only about e-commerce advertising.) We should understand that at the moment we have quite a lot of competition in Facebook feed, so it's logical, that getting positive ROI isn't so easy. In order to make money, it's a must to know something our competitors don't. That's why, first of all, we should invest at least couple of hundred pounds (or dollars) to get the information we could use for optimizing our campaign. It's unavoidable. Think about it as investment in useful information but not as losses. If you could be able to make positive ROI from 10 dollars all of us already would be millionaires. 

Secondly: testing testing testing. If you think that you know your customer the best, you are wrong :). Let's use the raw data (we already spend some money on), but not our intuition or some kind of cosmic energy to optimize the campaign. That's why it's a must to create at least couple of ad sets, different ads and different target groups, but I guess you already know that. And it's a big job requiring knowledge and experience to optimize whole campaign properly.

I haven't said anything spectacular. It's just common sense. However some people still believe they can start making a fortune out of 5 bucks. Save them.

Dear people, if you want to earn a million, don't be afraid to invest and take the risk. Facebook ads at the moment, is wonderful tool to create e-commerce leads (you have heard about new algorithms etc), some of my clients make 600% ROAD (return on ad spent) or more.

In order to prove my knowledge in this field I'm adding some screenshots from my clients ad campaigns.

I hope this post will stimulate a dialogue. I would be happy to discuss or advise you if you have some questions.

Thank you for you time



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