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Post-Sale Email

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Hey guys, I have a question about something I'm trying to set up here. Should be straightforward, but I'm a bit of a neophyte with this stuff. 

After a customer makes a sale, I want to send an email that offers 2 things.

1) a free eBook, in PDF form, and

2) a code where they can get a discount on all future sales.

Any advice on how to set this up would be awesome.



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Klaviyo let's you set up post-sale emails.  You can even send different emails depending on what product was sold or how much they spent.  In addition, Klaviyo can generate one-time use coupon codes that you can optionally setup with an expiration time (e.g. 14 days later) for each post-sale email that is sent.

Pretty much anything you can think of in terms of automation can be done. 

Check it out:

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You could upload the PDF to your Files section, then link to it in the order confirmation email.

Code, you can just paste right in that same email (Settings > Notifications).

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