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Pre-Launch email list sign ups

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Hello everyone,

I have been using facebook and google adwords to build my sites pre-launch email subscriber list.  It is getting EXPENSIVE.  Does anyone have any suggestions to aquire more legit targeted email list signups that will not cost so much?  Thanks for your help.

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Hey Donald, the best way I've been able to build my list without it wiping out the budget has been with contests and giveaways.

I always thrown paid budget behind it as, if done smartly, that's what allows you to get a large influx on new subscribers in a short period of time. The last list buildng campaign I ran we were getting subscribers for as low as 0.060c (thru trial and error) and built a list of over 781 new subscribers in just ten days.

I wrote a bit about the process within this Shopify case study here.

I also saw a really great post about a store in the same niche as you which I thought you might find interesting - may even be worth reaching out the store owner.

Good luck with the launch.

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Thank you for the information.  I really appreciate it.