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Pre-launch strategy or just launch?

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Hi, all

I am in the process of finalising my store; it could be ready to launch in as little as a week.  While we have the bones of an ongoing marketing plan, I am in two minds as to the best approach to launch this unknown brand.


Would you say it is better just to open the store and start marketing, hopefully meaning more sales sooner, OR to have a pre-launch campaign to build some interest?


The pre-launch strategy I have in mind is as follows:

- A survey on Google forms that will help us define our target audience and build an email list. The survey is pretty much ready to go.

- Promoted through Instagram and Twitter.  It's in the adult products niche so I have to be careful about advertising and am familiar with the advertising policies for the major platforms in my region.

- Only those who complete the survey will get a few days access to the store before the general public.  Also maybe a discount? I don't want to cheapen the brand so I'm wondering whether early access is enough of an enticement.

- How long should the campaign be?  Let's say we'd be ready to launch  Monday, November 1st.  I could give the early access people the previous Fri/Sat/Sun.

Very keen to hear your thoughts.


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