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Hello all, 


We are really trying to push preorders. We currently offer preorder sales on upcoming collections. Customers pay a 50% deposit upfront and the remaining 50% balance when the item is ready to ship. So far, being able to split up payment for the item hasn't been enough of an incentive. We're thinking about offering 20% off if you preorder, along with the 50% deposit split. Would that be too confusing? Should we ditch the deposit split and just charge the full discounted price? Something else entirely?


Heres our current Preorder product page, vs a draft of a page including a 20% discount and 50/50 deposit split. 

Current preorder product pageCurrent preorder product page

future product page? ft 20% discountfuture product page? ft 20% discount


Id love to hear ANY thoughts related to preorder campaigns? What have you done that's been successful? 



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We have had clients have people pay the full amount on higher ticketed pre-order items. I don't think this has anything to do with your discount and more to do with your traffic. $95 is not that much for an item online. I would double check you are targeting the right people before you assume it's your discount. Lots of people fund Kickstarts campaigns at this level without thinking.

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Grace your layout is very good!  Can I ask how you made this preorder page?  I am interested in offering a preorder option but I need to figure out how to add it.  Thanks!!