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Prepping for Relaunch

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Dear ECU,


We are in the process of relaunching our shop, "a lifestyle brand for alums everywhere." We are looking for any suggestions so that we can maximize pop and exposure when we relaunch. Especially interested in effective IG and FB Strategies, and suggestions for improving the shop.



B. Grant

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Hi, BG!

My name is Jade, I am with the Social Care Team at Shopify.

I saw your reply in the forum post Help With Instagram Marketing! and found this forum post that you made asking for feedback on your store. Congratulations on your re-launch! Joe has some great feedback to help with your marketing! I'm not sure what changes you have in store for your re-launch so some of my advice may overlap a bit with what you already have planned.

1) Your About Us page could use more information. This page is the introduction to who you are and your brand. It should also express the passion you have for your business. Since you are not in front of people who visit your website the way that a business owner who runs a retail store can talk to their customers, your About Us page is the next best thing. If you are able to add pictures and video that can be a major help. We have a blog post called The Untapped Potential of About Us Pages (And How to Write Your Own) that I recommend reading.

2) I highly recommend removing the app that creates a popup with the message "Someone recently purchased". The app is very widely used and most people that see popups like this will automatically assume that you are not being truthful. It's best to remove the app and avoid apps that say things like "10 people purchased this", countdown timers (unless you are having a sale), and other urgency apps. With your business, when you display your products as they are without apps like this it gives people the impression that your products are higher quality.

3) Most people that are visiting your website are searching based on university. On your website right now, your customers have to click on Catalog and then go through several pages of products to find their school. To make this process easier, I recommend creating a drop-down menu under Catalog with each university name. Each university would have a collection of it's own. Here are the steps to create a drop-down menu. The video on this help document makes the instructions easier to understand.

4) Many people will visit a website and look for a Contact Page and a Refund Policy before they even decide to make a purchase. The reason is because you need a way to contact the company if you have any questions, and you need to know if the product can be refunded or exchanged in case something comes up. You already have a Contact Page which is great! It's just the Refund Policy that needs to be made. Even if you do not accept refunds or exchanges it's still a good idea to have a page so that your customers are fully aware of what to expect before they order from you. Shopify has a Refund Policy template that you can use and edit to your liking using these steps. Afterward, you will need to create a page for your Refund Policy like this and add it to your Navigation so that it appears on your website.

5) You may want to think about having a custom product that your customers can add their own school to. If you use an app like Infinite Options (which is free), you can have the text "Just a grad from" and have your customer fill in the location. 

I hope this information helps with your store launch! ?

Jade | Social Care

Jade | Shopify 
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