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I'm working on a print to digital campaign where customers will receive a promotional offer through our channel partner via a post card mailer that drives them to a landing page to redeem the offer.

I have to gate the offer on the landing page with a popup window where the customer enters some piece of information that unlocks the offer (need to verify they're actually eligible AND need to track them as a customer coming through this channel on our backend).

Here's what I can't figure out: I need to validate eligibility for these customers via the landing page. I am unable to use PII data to validate on the popup on the landing page (our typical workflow is to put in your email).

I can't validate eligibility on the landing page popup through email (partner doesn't have the emails) and I can't validate off phone numbers (restrictions from partner). How do I give each eligible customer a unique code on the post card that I can track on our Shopify landing page popup gate to access the promo offer?

I can figure out the landing page hashing, but it's what needs to go on the post card to customers I can't figure out given the restrictions. Would a QR code be easier on the post card? What other things could I look into?

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Hi Jenn, 

Nick here from Shopify. 

Great idea for this. I did some thinking after reading your post and the Bulk Discount Generator app could be a possible solution for you. It doesn't have any limits and would enable you to create large sets of unique discount codes at ease which you could then add to each postcard. The app is also free and you can see it from the link here. There are a couple of other bulk discount apps in the app store which you might want to investigate further for this too, Bulk Discounts and Bulk Discount Manager

Shopify actually has a very helpful guide on all things discount code related which you might find useful also. 

Don't hesitate to ask should you have any other questions about anything. 

All the best, Nick

Nick | Community Moderator @ Shopify 
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