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Privy vs Klaviyo

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Quick question...looking to leave MailChimp. We are new on this platform and would love some feedback on Privy vs Klaviyo to grow our business. Thank you in advance!
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We use both apps.  Privy for the website pop-up to capture their email address.   We get 1-10 per day.  It's not a lot, but it adds over up time.  If we have big events or big holidays, that number might be 30-50 in a day.


Klaviyo is a pretty good competitor to MailChimp or ConstantContact.   It is not cheap and takes some time, but it simple to operate and produces high quality mail campaigns.  What i like about it is the ability to measure the campaign, who opens them, who takes action, and most importantly, who orders from the campaign.  Over time, we find we can refine our emails to be more effective.

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I know this thread is already a bit old, would appreciate your advice though. We are using Klaviyo and really like it, have previously tested Privy. What is the reason you use both? In my view the automation and newsletter capability in Klaviyo is much better, Privy though has the better sign-up forms (Klaviyo also has sign-up forms, but a bit more basic). Are the more advanced sign-up forms the reason you also use privy?


Thanks - Matt

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We found privy before we started using klaviyo, no logic. Business is growing faster than we can expected, so some things we have gone back to look at (don’t fix what isn’t broken). Will take a look at klaviyo when we get a chance. Hope that helps.
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Privy and Klaviyo do different things - with Klaviyo you can send personalized newsletters, Privy is more to collect email addresses on your website, which then can be imported to a platform like Klaviyo. I have used Klaviyo for a number of months for myself and few other businesses, and still would pick MailChimp any day over Klaviyo. Their emails are constructed in the way that they end up buried deep down in the junk folder, not even in the marketing folder. It took me few attempts to find them in my inbox. Not worth the time, money and effort impo. 

By the by, MailChimp still works ith Shopify via relevant apps. 

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I would pick Klaviyo anyday. It's absolutely worth it and way more robust than Privy. Privy primarily functions as lead gen platform whereas Klaviyo is the Rolls-Royce of ecommerce email marketing. With Klaviyo, you get automations + broadcasts (aka campaigns) + data & analytics + segmentation + lead generation options and recently they have also introduced SMS marketing!

The kind of insights and data that Klaviyo provides is unmatched and you need data to do a better job of marketing. Through Klaviyo, you can send the right kind of message to the right person at the right time. That means you aren't sending a generic email to everyone in the account, rather than that you are carefully curating offers for each segment (group of leads) that you know will work.

If you haven't signed up for Klaviyo yet, you can do that by clicking here:

I am a Klaviyo Silver Partner and if you need help at all with Klaviyo automations, please feel free to reach out to me at

Happy emailing!

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Klaviyo's signup forms are very limited compared to Privy. They integrate well and Privy can pass signup info to Klaviyo to trigger specific email automation flows. 

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They are both great apps. Though they have some overlap, they do have different areas of specialty.


I'd recommend using Klaviyo to replace Mailchimp, then if you need more capabilities in terms of email capture, then layer on Privy.

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