Problem with collection pages & Google selected canonicals

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It would be great to know if anyone has resolved the issue with Google choosing their /collections/all page over pages which were originally ranking. See below screenshot as an example.


Screen Shot 2020-01-21 at 21.25.59.png


When visiting the Coverage tab on my Webmaster Tools, it is showing these collection pages as "Duplicate, submitted URL not selected as canonical" – but I'm struggling to see why Google is seeing this as a problem?


I was wondering if anyone has had the same problem with me and could advise as to why this is happening? As far as I'm aware, nothing on my site is informing Google to index the All Products page (correct me if I am wrong), as opposed to my Collection pages. 


This is happened out of the blue and haven't had any major changes happen to these pages on the website and it has happened to most collection pages on the website, causing for many ranking drops.

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This is an odd one for sure.

I am going to give advice based purely on assumptions of what I know and what I assume. Google shows pages based on what it thinks the page is about. In your case, the collections/all and /freestanding-wine-fridges pages are both about wine fridges and something on your collections/all page is telling google that it is the correct page to show for what I assume is a keyword related to wine fridges.

You can try the following solutions:

  1. replace <link rel="canonical" href="{{ canonical_url }}" /> in your theme.liquid with {% unless collection.url == '/collections/all' %}<link rel="canonical" href="{{ canonical_url }}">{% endunless %}. This will remove the canonical tag from the collections/all page which should remove the conflict that google is facing about which wine cooler page to show. - Once you have done this, run through google search consoles url inspection tool again and see if it uses the correct url for the google-selected canonical now.
  2. Should option a not work, I would suggest creating a new category called all-products or something and adding a redirect from /collections/all to this new category. Then all you will need to do is ensure that the new category is different from your other categories, like giving it a title called all products, it's own meta description that does not mention the words wine cooler, if possible, own text content and sorting the products in a different way so google can see it differently to built in wine coolers, freestanding wine coolers and integrated wine coolers.

I hope this helps.

Let me know if you are still battling with this.

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Did you ever get this resolved? I (dealing with the same issue) am wondering if requesting a removal of the the collections/all URL in Webmaster will fix it, though am nervous this might cause a further drop in rankings. 

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Has anyone managed to find a fix for this? I've got the same issue and tried many things – it's driving me mad!

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