Problem with my store : all ads from Adwords refused

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Hello everyone,


I hope I can get your help on a problem I have with Google Ads. Here is the link to my store :

I tried setting up my first ad campaign but as the title says, all my ads have been refused for not respecting their policies and using malwares, even though I did a scan of my website and haven't found anything.

So I asked for help in the Google forum, and I have received an answer, but there are some parts that I don't understand or I may need information on (here is the link to my post with some screenshots :

It is all in french, but basically the answer says three things :

- I needed to put more information about my company and my shipping / exchange policies, as well as the return delays which I started working on.

- I use Printful, and dropshipping can't be used with Adwords.

- There are some parts of script on my website that Google considers as malicious, and I need the help of an experienced webmaster.

So first of all, I am not sure about dropshipping. Is it really forbidden by Google ? I unterstand why it might be in some cases, but I haven't found anything explaining this, even in the Google Ads rules, so to be honest I'm a bit lost there.

As for the malicious scripts thing, I don't know who I should be looking for to check for my site's code. Should I look for someone from Shopify or something else ? Also I might be asking that in the wrong place, so please tell me if that is the case.


Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope you have a good day.

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