Problem with page indexing after changing the theme

Problem with page indexing after changing the theme

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My client changed the theme of the store, some products and subpages.
Google search console now displays a message about a large number of unindexed pages. These are mainly messages about Not found (404), Page with redirect, Alternate page with proper canonical tag (many products with this URL ending &currency=PLN are displayed here) and Crawled - currently not indexed.

I assume that Google still remembers the old website and its subpages, which is why it receives so many warnings. Is it possible to remove errors caused by the old website and its sitemap so that it will be easier to detect problems with the current website in the future?

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Not aware of a way to remove the warnings and errors for old webpages. Is there any reason why the client changed so much? Changing URLs can have devastating effects on existing SEO.


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