Problem with using an Exit Intent Pop Up App and Shopify´s lists

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First, some background

We use Constant Contact as our mailing client.  They retrieve the customers and lists from Shopify via their API.

We are using One Store Exit Intent pop up. 

Seems like Shopify automatically assigns all visitors who registered on the store (but didn´t purchase) to 2 lists:

Shopify All Customers
Shopify Potential Customers


We set up an automation series in Constant Contact to send a welcome email to customers in the Shopify All Customers list.


So what´s happening is that customers that sign up via the Exit Intent receive the Exit Intent email with the coupon, and 2 minutes later receive the Welcome Email from Constant Contact. Horrible User Experience!


The solution is SOOOOO simple - not assign exit intent customers to Shopify All Customers List.  But after 2 days of chatting with Shopify, Constant Contact and One Store, this is not possible.


There is NOOO way I am the only store owner who has encountered this problem.  I´d like to hear from savvy marketers how they have worked around this issue.


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