Problems with Facebook Pixel, AddToCart Event and Catalogue.

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Hey, guys! I'm trying to fix this for 3 days and really hope you can read through the end. 

The Problem: I don't know if my pixel is working fine at my Shopify store.

The Context:

1. The first time I recognized I had a problem was when I entered my product page, clicked on the Facebook Pixel Helper and the PAGE VIEW event was showing an error. Basically, it said I was having a problem with my product catalog.  Then, I added my product catalog through Shopify's Page Admin Automation (SALES CHANNEL). In my Facebook Manager, I saw that the Shopify Catalogue was now showing up. Cool.

2. I went back to my website and checked the events with Pixel Helper. The PAGEVIEW event and CONTENTVIEW were working perfectly,  but when I click in the button to Add To Cart (to check the AddToCart Event), the STATUS stayed "loading" forever at the Pixel Helper:

Problem 1.JPG

3. Then, I started to wonder if my Pixel was "collecting" the event (AddToCart) or not. In the Facebook Manager, I went to test events on my website, and the event appeared  there, as you can see: 

Problem 2.jpg

4. So, the AddToCart event appeared forever "loading" the status at the Pixel Helper, at the same time I could see the event appearing at the Event Test page in the Facebook Manager. 

5. I thought I'd look through my catalog in the Facebook Manager, to see if there was a problem. I've found 2 errors about Dynamic Ads (that I didn't know if I was somehow connected to the AddToCart "problem" on Facebook Pixel Helper).

Problem 3.jpg

2 1  - QUality.JPG

6. I'm not using Dynamic Ads at all, but I went further and found this topic here that dealt with the same problem. The solution they found: download the APP Flexify, and through it, add the catalog on Facebook.  I followed it step by step and the problem (The Error with Dynamic Ads) disappeared.

7. I went to my website to test the AddToCart event because maybe the Flexify Catalog could fix it. The "neverending loading" status still.


My Questions:

  1. Is this "neverending loading status" with the AddToCart that appears on the PixelHelper a problem? I ask this because at the Event Test (Facebook Manager) the event Add To Cart seems to be working normally.

  2. Now I have the Shopify Catalog, and the Flexify Catalog appearing at my Facebook Manager, is this a problem? 

  3. Since I'm not using Dynamic Ads, should I just delete the Flexify Catalog, or just stick with it?

PLEASE, I'd appreciate so much any kind of help here or clarification 

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Please... anyone? I'm still stuck with this problem. Thanks 😞

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@IGSOnline  I just used the pixel helper on a client site where I know the ATC tracking is working properly and it kept looking like it was loading too (see below) so it looks like this is an extension issue rather than a problem with the site.  This is a shopify site too by the way.


I think the main thing is to make sure the events are tracking correctly inside your events manager which it looks like they are.  If you delete your catalog you will get the catalog id error in the pixel helper just becuase it can't match the product on the page with a catalog item but if you're not going to use product ads that's not a problem.  I would recommend keeping the catalog, though, so you can do dynamic remarketing and catalog sales campaigns in the future. 

I hope that helps



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ok, Sara. Ty!

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I'm seeing this same issue, however the events aren't coming through on a client site. I'm just seeing the events stuck loading, however the pixel fires fine if I hit the pixel url directly OR use the test pixel event in facebook. I might just be going insane, so I was curious if other people had noticed that their events weren't being tracked properly in this situation? 

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Hi, have you solved this problem already?