Problems With New Site Google Indexing

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Hello All, 


Thanks in advance for any support you can provide.




Here is the issue:


-Site is now 3 weeks old, and when I do a fetch with Google Search Console (GSC), the rankings/impressions the next day are where I would expect for my niche Kws, and then 1 day later complete darkness.  This has happened with 5 different fetches now.


What I think the problem is:


- There seems to be a mismatch with the way that Google Desktop index vs Google Mobile index is receiving my store.


- ie. Google desktop results with the search returns as the top result, but Google mobile is returning url, and my relatively uneducated SEO hypothesis is that Google is seeing :  1. A mismatch between the results  2. Their new "Mobile-first" eyes are seeing a url that appears to be password related returning, and are saying lets not prioritize this.


- Possibly a canonical issue that I can not locate at all in the html files?


Additional Information:  


- The site was password protected 3 weeks ago before it launched, but it has not been since.

- I have never had this kind of issue with shopify, so hoping someone has the magic bullet here.


Thanks in advance for your support,  and the attached picture is marked with stars where I did a google fetch in search console.



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