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I know that I can access a Shopify store's product feed by appending /all.atom to a specific collection, but is it possible to get the product feed for a specific product? Sometimes, if a collection is too large, the product will not show up in the collection's feed, and I was hoping I could still get its feed/data by visiting a different URL.

Note: I would not like to use any app to do this.


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Not sure on the why you need this so will remain interested in knowing that. 

Shopify has the concept of Alternate templates so without using apps you could create a template that generates content that most readers could pull in. Once the alt template is made a unique url could access that feed file.

There's a base concept here that refers to a collection but the general logic would work with a product as well.

Now this doesn't need an app but will still need some ability to write some code. If this is all confusing just post a reply and I'll (or others) will walk through it.

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Hey, thanks for the reply! Do you know of any way to use Shopify's feed files to achieve my goal? Currently, I can narrow down the feed file down to a collection by using a url like this: 

The reason I ask is because Shopify limits a collection's feed file to around 25 products. So if a collection has 60 products, I won't be able to see 35. So If I really want to access a product's feed file info that's not part of that 25, I was hoping to have a url that's more narrow than 

Thank you!!! 😄