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I have an opportunity to list my shopify store to a price comparison site but they are requesting from me a product feed url to keep my inventory updated with their site. How could i create this url with my full product feed?

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I am still in the process of lunching my store, so i don't have any funds to get apps to generate feeds.

I tried the method that you post " "" and i got an error on facebook.

as it shows from the report that facebook requires for a clarification for each product's condition, it it used, new, refurbished....

I didn't find any place in shopify to do so, is this option available? If not, how can overcome this in order to get my products to facebook?

thank you

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Use the Shopify Shopify Product-Feed - Facebook Google app and it will work for you, it has a free version!

Use the help center:


If you need more help, we'll be happy to help you)!




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Hey, if anyone wants help for getting product feed extraction we can make you a script that you can use a lifetime with a small onetime payment. You can email us at



8 1 9 does not work.


This feed will only show you max 25 products. Where can we get a data feed for all of our products? There is no reason I should have to find a subscription service, or pay a monthly fee, to have a url that shows my product feed.

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I see lots of talk and tutorials about just using this URL: /collections/all.atom however, when I try this I only get 25 items.

Is there a way to access all my products: /collections/all which if you see are over 8000 ... 

Thanks for any feedback you can give.

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Hii cbarklem,


We can provide you a tool to access all the products for a very low one time price. And you can use it forever. Please mail us at or


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my atom feed that is embedded in the header code by shopify in supply theme does not work correctly, and is causing an indexing problem.

it only lists 26 urls maximum from about 1,000 products, and for page2 ,etc, there is no atom feed. I cannot access the faulty code installed by shopify in the header content to repair the issue, and when i contact support they send me on a worthless chat with people in the Philipiines or India who have no skills or knowledge, and simply google for links to forums and send the links, and really are a waste of money and time.

whats the issue with the Atom feed being faulty?

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Does Shopify currently have a way to import inventory quantity based on URL feeds? or just export?

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@Katy wrote:


Yes, "" refers to all of the products in your store - all of the products within each of your collections

However, the number of products included in the feed is limited at a maximum of 25 …


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Hi, I have tried to do noindex that urls but it is not working. I added to theme.liquid:



Any help about it?