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Product image without any promotional text disapproved in GMC

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For our Shopify store, we have integrated Google Merchant Center. 

Currently we have only a few products in Shopify store and we will be adding more. One of the item submitted to GMC got disapproved due to the issue Preemptive item disapproval: Images with watermarks or promotional text.
The image contains the brand name but there is no promotional text. We have more than 10,000+ products with brand name in the product image and we will be adding it to Shopify thus submitting those to GMC in upcoming days, so it is not possible to edit and remove the brands from each product. Why google is detecting image with brand/any text as an image which contains promotional overlays?


How should we fix this issue without manually editing each product image?

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Hi, I have given you a great solution, and to be honest the only solution here:

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