Product Only Appearing On Google When Exact Title Searched

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Hello! So I'm driving myself crazy...


I've been reading a lot about SEO and have been making tweaks to my website, the alt text on the image, meta description, etc. in an attempt to get my products to appear higher on Google. Here's the problem:


Unless I type the full name of the product, I'm not showing up ANYWHERE on Google search, even page 10+. I'm working with one specific product right now as I try to figure out what I need to tweak. Here's a link to the product page:


If you search for Freya Fancies, Freya Fancies Underwire Bra, Freya Fancies Bra, etc. I don't show up on any page of the listings. 


If you search for Freya Fancies Underwire Gate Back Plunge Bra, I show up on page 1 as the 4th option.


Any idea why I'm not showing up unless the exact title is typed in the search bar?

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Hi Melissa,


I've done some basic checking and I can see your products.  I do notice that you do not have the FOLLOW meta indexing settings but since I can see the page it should be okay but I would recommend explicitly adding that to your meta data.



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 Thank you! Can you tell me how I'd go about doing that, or direct me to instructions somewhere? I'm a newbie to indexing and still figuring it out. Thanks!