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Our store's collection pages have been indexed by google however all the product pages seem to say "This page is not in the index, but not because of an error." and then says "alternative page but with proper canonical".  After lots of reading around the subject am I right that this is correct and that product pages won't be indexed?  Or is there something else I can do to enable them to be indexed?  

Advice gratefully received! Our store is 



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Hi there, 

I checked your store with ScreamingFrog and Ahrefs and your product pages seem to be all indexed to me. Double-checking with manual search also showed that your products page are already indexed. 

Screenshot (49).png

Regarding the canonical, it might have been that you submitted or checked the non-canonical version of the Product Page URL. "Canonical" basically tells Search Engine which URL is the one true URL that needs to be indexed. 

For example, both pointed visitors to the product page Bathtub Gin Gift Set product. 



However, the latter is the canonical URL, and Google only indexes that. If you check the other URL ( ) -> it will say alternative page but with proper canonical. 

Another thing I would recommend you to do is to write more blog posts and link these blog posts to the relevant product pages. For example, write 10 blog posts reviewing gin products, then link them to your gin collection - > this way, your product pages can rank faster and higher. 

Let me know if my answers are of any help with a thumb up and like 😄 


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Thank you. That’s really helpful. We will get into our blog writing!