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I have changed the product page title (70 characters max) for my google shopping ads but when I did a google search of the product, the page title still isn't updated even though google have crawled it after I made the changes (based on date shown on cached page). 


I figured even though 70 is longer than the recommended 55 characters, the product will still show up according to the keywords used for page title and meta description anyway on shopping ads. 


Can someone help me why google isn't updating my page title even though I have re-submitted site map and it's re-crawled? 


my site:

you can access my theme if you send a collaborator request to


screenshot of seo update i've made - so the last section is the same for all products "Wall Art Print..."


how it's showing on google 





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You need to check Google Merchant Center to see if the title is already updated. Google does not crawl your website to show product data, you need to submit the data to Google Merchant Center and then Google Shopping ads paid or free will be updated.


Based on how you wrote, I think you assume by changing SEO titles changes shopping ads, that is not the case. Unless SEO titles are linked to Google Merchant Center. 


Also your second image, does not show any shopping ads.


Your first task, check what is happening in Google Merchant Center.

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