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Dear Team

I'm new to Shopify and I have no idea about most of its features of it.  Can we control product prices based on regions/locations with help of zipcode/Pincode only in India? 


I'm running a business only in India so I'm not worried about international prices.




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Hi @VijayKumarK !
Shopify stores support only multi-currency pricing:

If you need some extra functionality, you might help Shopify apps:

In my experience, I don't work with pricing depending on the region.
But I think in generally it is possible to use different prices to different registered users (by discount codes)

Andrei Kuchuk, Lead Shopify developer at SpiralScout

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Hello @VijayKumarK,

Gina here from flareAI.


Have you researched creating different product (or variant) SKUs based upon Zipcode/Pincode ranges, and assigning prices to each SKU?


You can also search the Shopify app store for apps to set the pricing by region.


Hope this was helpful.

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