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Hey team,

I'm looking for a streamlined process to send out post purchase emails asking for reviews, and once a customer leaves a review they get a discount.

I'm currently running an email automation series which is triggered when a customer purchased a specific product and I've tailored the email to inform them how to get the best use of the product, and then ask for a review.

I'm having two issues here:

1. I can only seem to link the customer to the product page, not directly to the review form. This results in a drop off between clicks from the email and reviews. (I've included the steps for how to review in the email.)

2. I can't seem to find any way which automates this with an included discount if the customer does review, I'd have to email the customer a discount manually.

Does anyone have this set up and working for them? If you have anything similar I'd love to know how it's going.



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Hi Dale,

You can try 

Trustpilot Reviews: Experience the power of customer reviews

I think they have a lot of solutions regarding your issue.

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Hi Dale,

Both of the features are automated in our SocialShopWave app.

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