Product Specific Thank You Page?

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I use Thinkific and just migrated from a really old, broke storefront, and both of those have the option to send customers to a specific URL as a thank you page instead of the standard one. I've looked around a bit on the app store, but it seems like this should be a standard function.

Is this something that I am just missing, or is it really only possible with coding or an app with a monthy fee?



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It’s going to need some code - probably not a lot to be honest though, it’s just a matter of building a redirect after purchase. 

We have seen a huge amount of success when retailers send a personalised thank-you video to their customers.

They are far more authentic and genuine than anything electronic and very efficient to record/send too.

You can read a case study from one of our clients (a leading Australian winery) here if you’re curious:

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