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I have been resistant to creating a blog. After much internal struggle, I finally created a blog post. 

20 Gifts for Skiers/Snowboarders That Have Everything

Now that it is there, what are the best practices for getting some traffic to it and most importantly, get this thing ranked in Google results?

Is there a Fiverr gig for getting backlinks or something?

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First of all, the internal blog system at Shopify is one one the weakest points of the platform. Therefor many use a WP-blog on a subdomain instead. You can design a template for WP that makes it look and feel almost like the same site so users hardly will notice. You should consider that. Or alternatively spend some resources on improving the Shopify blog. It is possible although I have yet to se any Shopify blog as good as a standard WP blog.

I would not recommend Fiverr gigs for linkbuilding. It may be cheap but will most likely not give you any value. Instead try and reach out to related site and communities or buy some links of a better quality than what Fiverr will typically give you. Buying links, however, is sort of a jungle. Some links you can buy can indeed boost rankings but most don't. You need to carefully evaluate the suppliers. 

Having said that, to get more organic/natural links I will highly recommend you try and make blog posts that is a little more edgy. Or a lot. The stronger they are, more funny, more provokative or outstandingly helpful the more likely it is others will link to it. 

Not to offend you, but you first blog post is fine but really not that outstanding. 


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Hi @Gary_Looft,

for getting traffic, I would definitely use your social media. Spreading the word about it, letting people share the blog post, comment on it and else, will help you get traffic to your blog.

To get the blog ranked on Google, check if you’re using relevant keywords and that people can get to the blog. Use internal and external links. And social media for sure.

Getting backlinks isn’t easy. I would create a sheet of possible partner websites and approach them asking to include a link to your blog post in one of their blog post. Sometimes it works, sometimes not and in many cases, you will be asked to pay a fee for getting your link involved on partner websites. 

Regarding the blog post topics, I would start with your keyword analysis and use the long-tail keywords first.


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@Gary_Looft For Rank the post first check which keywords you are using.  Do the on page with title, Image Alt tag, URL optimization.  Check sitemap links and submit site to google search console. After that you can start sharing your post to Social Media Accounts, Medium, Quora, Other Resource sharing sites. Also You can try local sites as well.  You will get organic traffic. If need further assistance let me know.