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Promoting on instagram

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Hello, I am in the animal niche. Where I am promoting items dog and cat related. My store is I am confused on the best practices to promote on instagram. I am not sure how to go about it. I heard you should post at least once a day but I dont know how to construct my post. If someone could explain to me step by step the best way to make a post I will really appreciate it. Thanks. The things I know is post once a day, I heard you should hash tag in comments (not sure the best hash tags though). Not sure the texts or anything other than that though

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Are you trying to run ads or promote organic posts?

Check out the Barkbox instagram. They are doing really well on IG

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I am trying to use organic posts

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First, Follow the users of Barkbox and other similar accounts. from there you can get the best and relevant audience for your business. After that, you can post your offers and other things to attract their customers.

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Great question! Exactly I was looking for this question answer, curious to see how others respond because don't get yet perfect answer.

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Hello Edward,

I believe that promoting products on social networks should be easier. I created an animated gif for iPhone Cat Cases using, a website that I'm building. You can create gifs just by pasting the url of your product. It will let you to select the images that you want to include in the gif. 

Go to if you want to generate gifs for other products. This project is few days old and I'm looking for ways to collaborate with store owners so that I can build something useful for them. Please feel free to share with me all the things you would like to see included in your gifs.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this post and try the tool.


Jonathan tools for promoting your products in social networks