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Pushing Blog Posts to Social Media

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Hello Shopify-ers. I'm new to the platform and just putting the finishing touches on a new website for a very robust angling-focused apparel line (site is still not live). I have a question re: promotion that I'm hoping someone can answer:

I plan to to write blog posts (I'm a writer/editor by trade) to drive organic traffic, and I mistakenly assumed I could automate the sending of my Shopify-based blog posts to FB, Instagram, Twitter etc. as is possible on Wordpress-based e-commerce sites. To my surprise Shopify does not seem to offer this option; the Help archives indicate that a plugin named Zapier once made this possible (as do related YouTube vids) but Shopify's Help staff tell me it's no longer an option. Strikes me as very odd that this basic promotional step is no longer a part of the Shopify set of features. I've searched endlessly for an app that will let me add this functionality but no dice.

So, to those of you who use your blog for organic promotion: how do you share blog posts to social media? Do you copy and paste the URLs into your FB, Twitter, etc. pages? Do you use the Share buttons below each blog post? Or do you choose to simply post directly on your social media pages and avoid the extra step of blogging? Am I so far behind the times that I fail to realize that blogs are passé as promotional tools (possibly given FB's algorithmic focus on paid ads over content marketing)? Should I focus entirely on ads and dispense with the blog? Hey, I'm humble. Hit me between the eyes with the truth.

I'll be very appreciative of thoughtful replies as I have much to learn. Thanks.

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Bump. Any helpful thoughts here? Thx.

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You can use Buffer or other social scheduling apps to set up a pipeline. After you finish a post, just copy the url and set up the publish time on your target social media channel.

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Hi @SnookDaddy 

I often add a social share button at the bottom of the content. You can see the guide here.

I also prepared a list of best Shopify social share apps, you can check it here.

Hope it helps!

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