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Questions about affiliate marketing - Clickbank products

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Hi  I am going to be marketing affiliate programs mainly Clickbank products and there are a few questions that I would like to ask everyone.

I am going to be marketing the products without a website.

 These questions are about Clickbank

1 - Where are some of the better places to advertise Clickbank products free preferably but paid also once I make some money ?

2 - I have looked that all statistics but I am unsure what to look for so I will ask what is the most important statistic overall to go by when choosing a product in Clickbank ?.

3 - What are some of the better websites in order to shorten Clickbank hoplinks ?.

4 - What are some of the better website to use in order to track Clickbank hoplinks ?.

5 – So I don’t waste my time what are some of the more popular categories that people will buy from ?.


Thank you     Craig

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