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"Best" way to market instrumentals to artists?

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Hello Community, I hope you are doing good.


Quick background: I am a music producer who already sold music to redbull etc. and now wants to step into the rap industry and sell instrumentals to upcoming rappers. Theres already a quite big market and If a rapper is interested in using an instrumental, he buys a license that allows your certrain rights (upload the song to spotify etc). So far so good.


Now my question: how would you guys use online marketing to drive profitable campaigns? Since those are opinion based products It hard for me to understand how to drive conversions. Also, its quite hard to target "rappers".


How would you guys market opinion based products? Thank you for any help

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I think the options are the same as any other product, it's just different options can be better or worse.


I don't know for sure, but I imagine you're in a specific niche, for example pop/mainstream rap vs underground hip hop? That probably matters quite a bit.


Anyway, my best guesses for getting started:


1. Find out where they congregate online (eg: I have a Shopify app, so I engage in Shopify forums). Keep a list, engage there if you can.

2. That list could help you advertise later.

3. If you're following their favorite topics and discussions, that will give you insight into their most pressing topics.


The short game is to spend a bunch of money and advertise. The long game is to interact and provide value.


Maybe for them, a weekly/monthly newsletter where you highlight industry news and show off your latest tracks will get you an audience. A niche has pros and cons. Or maybe you can create a FB group, get a twitter following - meet the audience where they are. I assume SoundCloud is an obvious starting point?


For example, you can't use general purpose advertising to reach millions of people, but you can get loyal followers who really care about what you're doing.


Good luck!

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You can take a look around to see who they are following. Tatoo artists, photographers, maybe another rappers. And contact these influencers for a promoting post.