"Sitemap.xml vs. sitemap.xml at Google Search Console"

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(You may see that there is a capital X S and whatnot above in the Subject,  I assure you I did not do that myself,  Shopify did that after I uploaded my question,  I originally put the subject as.  "Sitemap.xml vs. sitemap.xml at Google Search Console").       Horror!


When I joined Shopify six years ago I followed all of the instructions to the letter, or so I thought.  I verified my site with Google and connected it as I was told.   Nothing happened.  In the six years I have been developing my product I have spent scores and scores of hours filling out at Shopify the Google market tags, added the Google Sales Channel, joined the Google Merchant, offered my original work, and now scaled print-on-demand products, etc.   Nothing.  I have never had a sale from someone I did not send to my web page myself.   I knew something was wrong but scores and scores of conversations with the Shopify experts and Google merchant account folk led to nothing.    Only a few days ago did we (Jonel, at Shopify Support, you deserve a medal!) find out why I had spent the last six years invisible to the planet and not knowing why.   In the site where one connects one's sitemap to Google at Google Search console the following spelling had been used.   "Sitemap.xml".   Oh, and Wow.   It was exactly right to the letter, just not to the letter case.   Blocked by a capital S.   Google wants to offer us AI and they couldn't even tell me I was not connected even though I was connected to the Google Sales Channel and to Google Merchant and verified by Google Search Console.   How does this happen?   I am one person and have never been able to afford to hire an expert.  I find it much more empowering to think I made this miStake myself, but did I?   And before you say that maybe no one wanted what I had to offer please go to my web page and then tell me no one on this planet likes jade.... https://riverjadesmithy.com.  What you are seeing there is what I have adapted to as no one wanted to buy any of the original jewelry I had to offer, or so I thought.  No one saw it.   How does this happen and where else is a single letter case error destroying my reality?  Has this happened to you?

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The only person who submits a sitemap in Google Search Console are the users or owners.

You can see who has access to the domain/URL by clicking the cog-icon at the bottom right or going to https://search.google.com/u/1/search-console/settings then viewing users and permissions.

Furthermore, when viewing the sitemaps in GSC, you can see when a sitemap was first submitted. That will give you an idea about when it was submitted and therefore possibly by whom.

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