"There aren‘t any conversion details available for this order."

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Is anyone seeing this more frequently on their orders? The bulk of ours come from Facebook advertising, am used to seeing this a few times a week, but currently see it a few times a day.
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Hi @frankiebuttons 


The message "There aren't any conversion details available for this order" typically appears in the context of e-commerce platforms like Shopify or other analytics tools like Google Analytics when tracking the conversion data for an order. It indicates that the specific order or transaction is not associated with conversion data or events.

Here are some common reasons why this message might be displayed:

  1. Delay in Data Processing: Conversion data may take some time to be processed and appear in your analytics or e-commerce platform. Depending on the system, it might take a few hours or even longer for the data to be updated.

  2. Incorrect Tracking Setup: If the tracking code or integration needs to be set up correctly on your website or e-commerce platform, it may result in missing or incomplete conversion data. Ensure your tracking codes are correctly implemented and placed on the appropriate pages, especially the order confirmation or thank you page.

  3. No Conversion Tracking: If you still need to set up conversion tracking for your e-commerce platform or analytics tool, it won't capture and display the conversion details for orders.

  4. Browser or Device Issues: Sometimes, conversion data might not be recorded due to browser or device-related issues. Encourage your customers to use updated browsers and turn off any ad blockers that might interfere with tracking.

  5. Data Retention Settings: Some analytics platforms have data retention settings that determine how long they keep conversion data. You may not see conversion details for older orders if your data retention period has expired.

To resolve this issue, consider the following steps:

  1. Verify Tracking Setup: Double-check that your tracking codes are correctly installed and functioning as expected on the relevant pages, especially the order confirmation page.

  2. Check Conversion Tracking Settings: Ensure you enable conversion tracking on your e-commerce platform or analytics tool.

  3. Allow Sufficient Time: Wait for some time to allow the system to process the conversion data. If it's a recent order, give it a few hours before checking again.

  4. Review Data Retention Settings: Check the data retention settings of your analytics tool to confirm how long they keep conversion data.

  5. Test a Transaction: Make a transaction on your website to see if the conversion data is recorded correctly.

Let us know if the issue still persists.

Sampy Mishra | Customer Success Manager @ AdNabu

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