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I'm sure this topic has been covered so apologies in advance.

I'm struggling to get my product pages to rank, my collection pages rank quite well and after quite allot of SEO research I've started to move them up. I started reoptimising my product pages about 5 weeks ago and the vast majority still aren't ranking for the keywords in the meta title even on low competion phrases/keywords. 

When I make changes to collection pages I can get a change quite quickly, I initially changed a few terms I was ranking for and dropped down but it was quite quick to get it back. Is it the case that product pages just take longer to reindex or am I missing something more fundamental? I know I am having duplicate content issue's and I've only just finished reoptimising all the product (tbh the product pages were quite bad).

Thanks in advance



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Your site and products look great and very unique!

I just loaded your store in The Marketplace for Unique Products & Gifts - http://marketplace.boomja.com/Architectural-Antiques-606601.html. Listings are free and point buyers directly to your storefront. There are no middleman or transaction fees of any kind. 

You can also compete with ecommerce giants in organic search on a local level, even in a great many local markets. Search engines strongly favor local results that match the IP location of searchers. There are directory marketing platforms available that can use their authority to customize safe local links that will appear within top organic results in many local markets you target. Let me know if you would like more info.


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Hi Paul!

Adam here from Shopify.

Product pages shouldn't take any longer to index than collection pages in the sense that one is a collection, one is a product. It would more depend on how "deep" the specific page was in terms of the site hierarchy. 

Could you please give me one of the product pages, and a couple of the keywords you are attempting to rank for it? 

Also what duplicate content issues are you having? Just with product pages?

Have an awesome day!

Talk soon 🙂


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Hi Adam,

Thanks for your reply, heres a product page http://www.architecturaldecor.co.uk/products/brass-beehive-door-knobs . The search phrases are Brass beehive door knobs and beehive door knobs. If I search 'brass beehive door knobs' in google.co.uk it ranks #23 but the SERP is 4 weeks old with plenty of underoptimised and less relevant pages in front of it (the collection the product is updated its SERP in a couple of days)

I've been running MOZ and the duplicate content is in 'pages titles' it seems to be because some products are listed in multiple collections such as (the example above is not duplicated as its only in one collection). 




duplocate content is also I think tags (1920's/30's) is a tag.


and collections with multiple pages


However I do rank for some collection pages selected by tag such as this one 


I'm pulling my hair out a bit 



Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hey Paul,

Ah I see.

Okay so for the page titles, you are right. Since your products show in multiple collections, there will be duplicate titles. 


We put in place a canonical link. Which tells search engines to pay attention to only one version. That way you won't have any duplicate page title problems. (won't negatively affect any SEO that you are doing).

See screenshot here.

For collections/tags etc that have multiple pages to search through, yes it gets a bit more complicated.

One of the things we use here is a line of code that tells search engines the previous and next page in sequence to the current page they are crawling.

Example: link rel="prev" href="/collections/all/1920s-30s?page=2"/><link rel="next" href="/collections/all/1920s-30s?page=4

Using a pagination  technique like this has been proven to really help SEO on these types of pages.

You may get warnings from software, just because that is the job of it to bring it to your attention. But from what I have seen thus far, you have no worries of any problems of duplicate content 🙂

I hope that helps clarify some of your concerns!


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Thanks Adam and apologies for the delay in responding. I already had the canonical link but it didn't seem to be working (I had a couple of different people check that it was correct) I've been reading about the page pagination so that will probably be the next item to get looked at and I've switched off the 'product types' which was generating duplicate content. 

My product pages still haven't updated in google results, from the research I've done the duplicate content is probably efffecting their ranking but not to the extent of them just not ranking (I'm tracking the keyworrds & phrases on quite a few product pages). If I copy a product page title into a google browser they still don't come out top and the pages that are above them I can't see why they are more relevant, I could understand if the pages that were ranking above them were more relavant or connected to an equally relevant site with a high domain authority. I can't help thinking I'm missing something fundamental, any other suggestions?

Thanks again,


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