Reached Checkouts but no sales.

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Hey guys, 

i know this has been asked so many times before and I am sorry but here we go again.. 

i just started my first dropshipping store ( and I am also running TikTok ads with it. I know it does not look perfect and I am very open to critique as I wanna improve myself but that’s not the topic I want to talk about. I am getting a lot of sessions, over 1000 in a day for the little money I am spending and about 20 of those actually reach the checkout but non of them actually convert. I have to mention that I am not targeting the top 5 or probably not even the top 10 as the bid was too high and my budget didn’t spend. My ads run in countries like turkey, Ukrain, Egypt, Hungary, Sweden etc. 

Does any of you have an idea why the reached checkouts are not converting. Might it have something to do with the payment gateways in those countries. I haven’t enabled multiple languages but English obviously works fine but I have added multiple currencies with the geolocation app and I also have abandoned cart emails. Or should I still be just targeting the big five even though I can’t reall up my bid to where it is even close to the suggested bid on tik tok. I am honestly a little confused haha so please I need some of y’all’s advice. I am located in Germany btw. 
thank you guys already for bothering. 

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Hi Joel!

One of the reasons why people leave their cart may definitely be the lack of convenient payment options. Everytime you expand your business to a new country, it's advisable to do a little research of what is the most common payment methods used there. What options have you included at the moment? 

We recently wrote an article on how to improve shopping cart conversions. One thing to point out from there is that the main reason for abandoned cart are extra costs at checkout such as shipping, taxes, etc. Are your shipping prices displayed with your product before customers add items to the cart?



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so sorry to hear about the frustration, but I know that my solution will be the best solution to your issues.

But can you share me your website URL?

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Hey Joel,


One thing we often see clients have issues with is an overcomplicated checkout experience. Haven't seen your website, but from what I am hearing, I'd looking into streamlining the checkout. For example, look into having less steps - like a one-step checkout process over here. Overall, think about what may be preventing users from converting, it's often the simple changes that give the most results.