Received Errors Regarding Title Tags

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Hello, I am reaching out because I am so new to all this backend customization on my website. I did an Ubbersuggest Audit of my SEO and it stated the following error:

Does anyone know what this means and how I go about changing the title tag. Is it something I can do without coding or do I need to code it? Thanks so much for in advance!
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I apologize I put this comment in the wrong category. Thought I was asking a general SEO question. 

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I apologize I put this comment in the wrong category. Thought I was asking a general SEO question. 

I happens, I notified mods to move this for you to get more focused responses.

You may want to provide concrete examples however of the problem urls.

Meanwhile short title "errors" are just that the names you've given to those pages or products-pages that some algorithm decides there's not enough text in it.


This is really often just a warning not some 100% error as also making your urls to loooong can be bad thing depending on context.

For example having a short snippy domain and product name can make it easier for word of mouth sharing to happen than social-media sharing or excessively long urls.

If it only comes in one color, one gender, and one size that should probably be in the product url, meanwhile if your business is known for selling a specific product sticking to product-brandname can be more important than stuffing attributes into the title.

The goal is to be descriptive but not verbose with naming things.

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Not sure if you have already resolved this issue. 

You can edit your SEO title tags and meta tags without coding. You go to your product page in the Shopify admin and scroll to the bottom, click the link "Edit website SEO". 

The top field is the title tag for your product and the second field is the meta tag. 

I have also used Ubbersugest. It recommends a title tag of less than 65 characters so just make sure you're under that number in the first field if you don't want to keep seeing this error in Ubbersuggest reports. 

I'm not actually sure what the 'right' number of characters are for SEO though as this seems to vary depending on the source. 

Hope this helps. 

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