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Hi guys, I'm looking for software / a platform that allows me to manage my social media feeds and schedule multiple posts across a period of time. The software I'm looking for MUST have ALL the following features:

1) The ability to compose and schedule posts by day / time across a long-term future period (e.g. a month)

2) The ability to simultaneously publish a post to both Instagram and Facebook (without having to compose the same post twice)

3) A hashtag manager, that allows you to save groups of hashtags that can easily be added as a batch to a post

Can anyone recommend a good one?

I tried Buffer, and it was pretty good but it didn't have functionality for (2) - you have to compose posts separately for FB and Insta if you're scheduling them for a future point in time. I also tried Sendible, but it doesn't have a hashtag manager unless you are paying £149/month. I don't mind paying, but my max budget is probably around $30-40.

Would be great to hear your thoughts! However please don't suggest any that don't have ALL the above features as I do need these functionalities as a bare minimum.

Thanks very much!!

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