Recommended social media contest platform?

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Looking for recommendations for social media contest platforms that work well with Shopify. For example, a platform that facilitates people to follow on IG, like on IG, tag friends on IG, follow an account on Twitter, like a page on FB, join an email list, etc., all for more entries towards the contest. I've looked at various sites like RaffleCopter, Rafflepress,, but not sure which play best with Shopify.


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Hey there @Xerxes .. Do you mind telling me what is your store selling? Because you need to know where your target audience is most likely to be. To give you a brief idea, Instagram | Facebook, and Pinterest work well with Shopify! You can go ahead with Instagram and create unique hashtags for your contest. But it will be more clear if I come to know what is your store offering. Because if your store is selling industrial products, then Insta or Pinterest might not be suitable. But if you into fashion and apparels, then the 2 platforms are the best for you! 

Let me know if I can be of any help to you!

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1000 42 261 has been great for many of our clients. Their Shopify app is here. I like that you can collect media from entrants, which you can disclose in the competition to get the right to use in marketing. User-generated content is critical for store growth.

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There are various social media contest tools such as:

1. Easypromos

2. Woobox

3. Shortstack

4. Wishpond

5. Rafflecopter

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Take a look at our app, ViralSweep

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Social Media is a platform that allows us to interact, share, learn, promote etc. It has become a necessity for all of us just like our everyday cup of tea. For businesses also, it allows them to promote goods and services, build reputation, etc. Here are some tools that can help you organize Social Media Contests-

  1. Shortstack
  2. Outgrow
  3. Vyper
  4. Woobox
  5. Wishpond