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Refer a friend flow in Klaviyo with Aggressive discounts

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Hi All,

I want to create a flow in Klaviyo to refer a friend in the following manner.  

One week after an order arrives, I want to send out an email offering a 7 day 25% off dynamic coupon to make another purchase.  I want this dynamic coupon to also be available to their friends if they want to.  The idea here being that the customer received their item and love it.  In exchange for making another purchase sooner than they normally would, I will give them 25% off their purchase.  In case they love the item so much and want to share the love with their friends, I want them to be able to forward this discount code to friends to use in the same 7 day expire window.

I am having issues because dynamic coupons are one time use so if they use it, their friends can not use it.  If I do a static coupon code, it will show up n the coupon sites within 3 days and every purchase will come in with a 25% discount, etc.

I have asked Klaviyo and they have not been able to give me a solution, but I am sure there is a work around to this.  Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

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I would look into using a loyalty app like, that's what they are built for.

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Thanks - I considered this but I don't want to add such an invasive app to
my site just so I can use it for this coupon flow. We have a ton of apps
as it is to accomplish all the robust features we want so we can only add
MUST HAVE apps. Thanks again for the suggestion!
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Hi @SiteSpeedShop, I'm Neomi from app,


We specialized in gift cards and loyalty store credit solutions.

As far as I know, there is no way to achieve exactly what you are looking for. May can offer a different way to approach this,

Using a referral program, you can send your customers a unique referral link they can send to their friends, this is a win-win situation for you, your customers and their friends - your customers get a reward for every friend that buy at your store, the friends get a discount for buying at your store and you will get lots of new customers.


Here at Rise, we believe that the best way to reward customers is with store credit, it is easier to understand and have a higher redemption rate.
When a customer refers a friend they both will get a reward, and you can stock up.

You can choose to let your referral program to be active all of the time, or create a referral campaign for a specific time frame, let's say a week, you can send all your customers their unique link and the links will be active for only one week.

you can read here more about how our referral solution works,

Hope this solution will work for you,

check out our listing page and feel free to contact me at

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What you want with the friend discount cannot be done in Klaviyo alone because dynamic coupons are confined to the account the email goes out to. If that is really important for you and you're confident of it's value, you'll need to look elsewhere for a solution. A referral integration may make this work for you:

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Thank you so much. I didn’t know the dynamic coupon was tied to the users profile! So you’re saying that if I generate a dynamic coupon for you it will only work for your user account and nobody else can use it? That would be a bummer!!

Can you think if any other solutions?

Thanks again!!