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I have been thinking of implementing a referral program of sorts and am a little confused as to how to go about it. 

What I am envisioning is a Customer refers a family/friend to buy from us and if that referral makes a purchase of $30 and above, we will generate a 10% discount code to b used by the referee and the referral.

This is the basic idea I am looking at, but I am not sure as to how to go about this.

Any suggestions would be great 🙂




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Hi Tracy,

I hope all is well. I am in the same boat , but I am looking into use either of the following as both have free plan available, it just a matter which one has more to offer. I hope this can help.





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Hello. I am trying to implement a referral program as well. Also looking for a free or very cheap solution. Did you come to a conclusion?

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Hello @Dgoldfe13, you can try the all-in-one Shopify app AiTrillion for a referral program. You can:

  • Use popups to promote your Refer-a-friend program.
  • Give points to customers if they refer your store to friends.
  • Give offers to friends to join through unique discount codes.
  • Create a refer a friend popup widget to promote it. 


If you need help with setting up the feature in your store. I will be happy to help.


Sachin D | Shopify Growth Expert @ AiTrillion

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Hi @projectquirk, I'm Neomi from app,

We developed a referral solution that can help you with what you are looking for.

With our referral program, you can reward the referred person with a coupon code (and limit it to purchases from a specific amount) and reward your customer for referring a new one as well - you can read with a fixed amount or with a percentage amount from the store order. 

You can read more about our referral solution here.

check out our listing page and feel free to contact me at

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Hello @projectquirk, you can try the all in one Shopify app AiTrillion. It has exactly what you are looking for.

Check here: AiTrillion's Referral Program



Sachin D | Shopify Growth Expert @ AiTrillion

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- 10+ Years of eCommerce experience.
- 1400+ Stores Designed on Shopify.
- All in One Marketing App on Shopify AiTrillion Marketing Automation
- 13+ Shopify Apps launched on app store.
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Hi @projectquirk 

I think you should try the Referral Candy app. 

First of all, the app offers a customizable design for pop-ups and emails that you send to customers. The designs and templates are available via Theme Editor where you can find great filters, backgrounds, and fonts to make an impression with your buyers. Second, Referral Candy can help store managers to keep track of referral programs. The app generates higher revenue and exerts an impact on retailers through sale records. Moreover, free gifts or coupons are also tailored for admins to distribute to merchants. Last but not least, Referral Candy is friendly with other marketing, optimization sales apps such as MailChimp, ReCharge, Paywhirl, and so on. The five-star support system is equipped to assist customers at any time. The app offers a 30-day free trial then you have to pay $49 per month to use the whole package and leverage your sale revenue.

Highlight features

  • Customize the design of popups via Theme Editor
  • Keep track of referral programs
  • Display various ways of rewards like gifts, coupons
  • Equipe with a five-star support system
  • Use a dashboard for important metrics

You can get the app here.

Hope it helps!


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These are some tips to start referral marketing:

  • Provide exceptional customer service and buying experience
  • Make your products and product experience sharable
  • Pay attention to your analytics
  • Implement a referral program
  • Make it easy for visitors and customers to refer your brand
  • Capitalize on influencers
  • Remind users about your app referral program
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While there are several apps on the Shopify App store to run the referral program; you can try the all-in-one Shopify app, Or while browsing you see any glitch then it will be from your computer you need to upgrade your computer memory



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Luckily that I've found your post. I highly recommend BLoop: Referrals & Loyalty app that can address your problem. It's totally free and you can easily install it in your store. The BLoop Shopify app allows you to set up a referral program and show it on the store. Then, your customers can refer your business to their friends via a referral link > That friend uses the coupon code to purchase > The referrer then receives a reward (10% like you said). 

Free app & free support, why don't you try it to see if it meets your requirements? Should you want to explore deeper, please let me know!

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Hi @projectquirk,

Obviously, Affiliate marketing  offers a cost-effective and efficient way to drive more traffic to your business and increase profits. As a small business owner, affiliate marketing is a great way to increase your reach and raise brand awareness without breaking the bank. It has low upfront costs, but it helps you build trust through association and can drive traffic to your site. 

Here are our recommendation to push your sales with affiliate marketing:

1. Offer a competitive commission

When setting the commission rules, make sure that it is compatible with your market (not too low or too high in comparison with your competitors). Set a number that can make you stand out but may not spend all your money on affiliate marketing. Consider your profit margin, marketing cost and product original price to calculate proper commission amount, just be sure not to be too greedy or too generous. A competitive commission will help affiliate work harder, and increase sales conversion.

Via UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing, you can setup your commission structure for each commission program. For example you can pay your affiliate percentage of sale, flat rate per order, or flat rate per item.





2. Generate coupon code:

A lot of shoppers search for coupons to see if it's a chance they can save some money upon purchasing. Thus, assigning a coupon code for your affiliates can both bring benefits to the customers and help your members to convince the consumers to buy from them.

Moreover, a discount coupon can be easily shared and remembered, which is useful for social media promotionCoupon code within UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing can be assigned manually or automatically.

4. Treat your affiliates with respect

Studies have shown that in sales positions, high performers are responsible for producing 67% more revenue than other average performers. That's why focusing on high-quality affiliates is so important to grow your affiliate campaign sustainably. Through UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing you can consider offering them Lifetime commission so that the affiliate will get commissions for all future purchases of a customer who buys from the affiliate once. 




5. Offer higher commission rate for outstanding affiliates

On the other hand, you can motivate your team by moving them to a different program once they reach a proper level (such as referring 1000 orders successfully). As affiliates sell more, they earn more. For example:

  • 0 – 1000 referrals = 20% commission

  • 1000– 2000 referrals = 25% commission

  • 2000– 5000 referrals = 30% commission

  • 5000+ referrals = 35% commission

You can use UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing to build your own auto-tier commission rule easily with three main types of conditions. Your affiliates will get automatically leveled up once their performances meet the level condition set, the conditions could be based on:



Here are our tips how I find my qualified affiliates:


1. Using UpPromote Marketplace

-From my experience, you can list your shop information, all offers and commission details on UpPromote Marketplace. The affiliates will find you if your offers are qualified with their needs. Most of the affiliates in my team are from here. The affiliates have an option to filter offers by categories, payment method, commission structure and even lifetime commission, offer format applies to all profiles, so the more information is provided, the more possibility it is that affiliates are interested in yours.

2, Convert customers into your affiliates

In fact, customers are a potential sales channel that helps to promote your brand in a way that traditional marketing cannot. You can go to the app and easily generate a post-purchase popup with your own message to invite people to join your win-win affiliate program. As long as any customer successfully places an order from your shop, a popup will be shown up on the Thank you page  to introduce your affiliate program.

An useful tip for you is that  you can create a separate commission program only for converted customers. With this way, you can manage sales performance from your loyal customers, as well offer specific commission for this group only. In fact, happy customers are more likely to share their experience with positive words, and this is especially true when they can be well rewarded. That is also a great way to keep your customers as loyal customers.



3. Using Multi-level Marketing:

 Multi-level marketing (MLM) allows each affiliate to invite and recruit others into your network. Whenever a downline affiliate successfully brings an order, the upline one gets their extra reward. You can use UpPromote to set up MLM strategy with unlimited distributors. Your products can be delivered effectively to your customers without extra costs for building a customer service team or advertising strategy. 

To easily understand, you can imagine that John is your affiliate and he invites his friend - Michelle to join your ambassador program. As long as Michelle makes any successful orders, Michelle will get a commission from those orders, and John also gets commission because he is upline of Michelle. John understands that the more products Bill can be able to sell, the more money John’ll get. Obviously, this feature not only motivates John to grow your affiliate network but also inspires him to push Michelle to work harder for bringing benefits for both.




4. On social media

You can search on the search bar of those tools with keywords of your niche market, especially, search with hashtags of your business to see who’ve posted about your brand or look up the relevant suggested keywords to find influencers that post about your industry.




On Instagram, when you click to follow an influencer, a list of relevant people will be shown below, you can take them all into consideration.

Besides, do a quick research on your customers to see who their favorite influencers are, who they follow and who they normally come to when having intention to buy an item of your brand.

I hope my recommendation is helpful with you. 

Good luck with your business!


All the bests,

UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing

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Hi, 1. A referral marketing program gives you a structured and sustainable flow of attracting new customers.
Referrals are one of the building blocks of social proof. They help prime potential customers, which leads to faster purchases based on trust.
2. One especially powerful feature of referral marketing is that it has the potential to create a cycle of sharing.
3. Referral marketing enables scalable word of mouth to happen. Because you are encouraging your biggest brand advocates to recommend you to others
4. A referral marketing program is owned media, which makes it an authentic channel to interact and engage with your customers.
5. Referrals who turn into new customers often end up becoming some of your most loyal advocates.The stronger loyalty of referred customers means that these customers have a higher overall customer lifetime value.
6. Referral marketing, on the other hand, is an inexpensive way to market your brand and get the word out there relatively quickly. Because you’re inviting existing customers to help promote, you’re making the most of relationships you’ve already built.

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