Reliable Marketing Plan to Increase Sales and Online Exposure

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Relying on one source only isn't enough to make you popular! Also your check if your website is still has no Alexa rank! If yes, this means you need more hard work to do to make Increase Sales and online expousre for your busniness.

Marketing plan & Optimization Methods as follow:

  1. Create and submit New Video about your business.
  2. Social media submission.
  3. Guest posting submission.
  4. Press Release writing + submission.
  5. Citation optimization by submitting your business to local directories Listings.
  6. Product or Service promotion worldwide.
  7. Email Marketing submission.
  8. Genuine content writing for new posts or new pages.
  9. Influencer Marketing (Radio and podcast business mention).
  10. Building quality Backlinks for your website.

Hope this help.

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Wow, these are just gold nuggets. I have been using a few tips from these already.

Well, I would love to share my experiences with Influencer Marketing and that’s the 9th point on your list.

I have tried Influencer Marketing long back and ended up spending a lot of money on Influencers, it went well for some time because I started getting new followers on my Instagram and people actually started to notice my products. Nothing to complain about it though.

But at some point, I felt that this whole attempt was temporary, as in, the influencer would make a post and there would be a spike in the number of my brand followers and visitors. But it would just be for some time. I wanted to use this promotion for better use, as in, making use of the promo videos even after the of Influencer post is over. 

I am sure you’re aware of the fact that Influencer Marketing brings you quick results, as in the new visitors or followers. But after the week when the hype is gone you don’t see the new visitors coming in. And to be honest, I didn’t have enough funds to do Influencer Marketing every now and then.

After all the hunt, I found out a few ways to reuse the promo videos published by the Influencers. I simply found an app called Videowise. It helped me add all the product recommendations, promotions, and ad videos from channels like YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat to my product page.

Now, whenever a visitor comes across my product page. They watch the videos published by the Influencers and have honest reviews from my customers. This hack helped my customers to make smarter decisions while purchasing my products. Also, what else would you need to sell your products rapidly when your products are being used by top-notch influencers who are talking all positive about your product?

I have added all the videos from Influencers right below my product images and it's helping my new visitors to believe in my products.