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Remarket Website Visitors to "hidden" collection page with 50% Off?

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Hello Community, I hope you are doing good!

I wanted to ask how you guys would do my remarketing idea:


Lets say I have a collection with tshirts and all are going for 40$. Now, I drive traffic to that collection page.

After that, I want to remarket all visitors of that collection page and redirect them on a collection page where all items are 50% off - but only after they clicked on the remarketing ad.


I thought about creating a hidden collection with all tshirts being 50% and a secret url that only people have access to that click on the remarketing ad - for all others who visit the collection page for the first time its still the regular price.


Is there any way to do that or do you have better suggestions?


Thank you very much



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That is one way. If you're on Shopify Plus, you have more flexibility with how you do it.


An alternative is you provide a coupon in the ad to achieve the result. Worth testing both solutions given they could produce completely different results.

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