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Hey Guys,

We are trying to add a remarketing function to our store. Currently Google Ads is giving us the error message that so many product ids were not received and therefore it cannot tailor the dynamic retargeting. I see that Google added an update version of their tag and snippet and wanted to see what is the best way to set it up. Can you tell me what do I need to add or change in the snippet below to get it to work. it seems I need to pull the following:





The old tag used to single them out but now this has changed. Thanks a lot!


gtag('event', 'page_view', {
'send_to': 'AW-xxxxx',
'value': 'replace with value',
'items': [{
'id': 'replace with value',
'google_business_vertical': 'retail'

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Hi @ZT,

We understand it could be a pain in the @#! to implement Google's dynamic remarketing pixel, so that's why we've created an app to do it for you.

It fires the right snippet with the right attributes and values every time.

Check it out.

If there's anything to customize on your site from our end to make it work, we can do it for you.