Remove Collection from Collection Sitemap

Remove Collection from Collection Sitemap

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Does anyone have a simple method (Without using any paid addons) to remove specific collections from the Sitemap, thus informing Google\Bing etc to not index them. 

For example, the collection "New-Arrivals" is causing Google to get confused with a couple of keywords. As this is collection is only really to be displayed on the site and not apart of the SEO Strategy, I want to ensure its removed from collection sitemap. 

There are lots of articles for products etc, but I cannot seem to find a solution for collections. 

Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance. 

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While I still cannot find a solution to remove the unwanted collections from the sitemap. I will use "disallow" in the robots.txt file. 

While its not ideal, hopefully these unwanted collections wont be crawled by the serp bots. 

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We hope your problem has been resolved. If not, you can refer to the answer below.

Actually, if you don't want to use any additional add-ons, removing specific collections from the Shopify sitemap is not easy. Here is the best solution you can do:


- Go to your Shopify admin: Log in to your Shopify admin panel.


- Navigate to Online Store > Preferences: Go to "Online Store" in the left sidebar and click "Preferences".


- Locate "Search engine listing preview": Scroll down until you find the section titled "Search engine listing preview".


- Exclude Collections from Sitemap: In the "Search engine listing preview" section, you'll see the option to customize your sitemap. Click "See the XML sitemap file".


- Access sitemap file: This link will direct you to your sitemap.xml file. You'll see a list of URLs for your collections, products, pages, and more.


- Find and remove collection URLs: Look for URLs that correspond to the "New-Arrivals" collection section or any other collection you want to exclude. You can remove these URLs directly from the sitemap file.


- Save changes: Once you've removed the URL of the collection you want to exclude, save the changes to your sitemap file.


- Resend your Sitemap to Google Search Console: After you update your sitemap in your Shopify admin, you should log in to Google Search Console and resubmit your sitemap to notify Google of the changes.


By following these steps, you can manually remove specific collection URLs from your Shopify sitemap without using any paid add-ons. This will signal search engines not to index those specific collections.

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Hi! I'm having the same issue as the original poster. Once I get to step 3 in your steps provided, I am unable to continue. There is no "Search engine listing preview" that you mentioned.