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Replacing add to cart button with affiliate product url links

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I've read multiple posts about the possibility to replace the add to cart button on the product pages with a button or link redirecting to affiliate products sold on another site like Amazon. There seems to be no clear step by step guide to do this or current feature. ShopifyFD looks like a good tool but there is not a lots of documentation to use it. I'm a canadian business and would like to get some tips to do this. How can we do this? Thank you.

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Hi Erick,

Jenn here, a Guru with Shopify. 

This can be achieved by creating and editing a new product template but you would certainly need to have some comfort level with coding. We have created this tutorial to help with the process. Otherwise I'd suggest hiring a Shopify Expert to code a template for you.

I hope this helps Erick! If you have any further questions feel free to get in touch with our support team directly:



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Thank you Jenn. This tutorial is really useful. Next step, I need to find a way to add 1 or 2 button when the user click and will be redirected to the affiliate site like Amazon.

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Spreadr is only for Amazon, Spocket is for Etsy. That's my issue and frustration. In order to fill out my store, I have found a site where I can use affiliate links directly back to their shop of tons of artists. I'm curating and sending to that site where my customers can buy whatever varient they wish, etc. Like an affiliate, but I'm mostly in it for the cool content, and less concerned with the little bit of money.

I use Oberlo for Ali, about to use Spocket for Etsy. Is there an app to help me with above. Or can I build a list somewhere and just redirect the buyer from "add to cart" to "buy from artist?' I can't imagine having to re-code every single product item (let's say I feature 20 links). I know there is an easier way, even if doing it manually (NOT A CODER! I'M A NURSE AND DON'T KNOW WHAT THE HECK I'M DOING!) 

I feel like I'm just not asking the right question. I don't know what I don't know. So here's my best shot:

HOW CAN I REPLACE ADD TO CART OR BUY BUTTON WITH A "BUY FROM ARTIST" BUTTON, THAT TAKES MY BUYER TO THE NEW (NOT AMAZON, NOT ETSY) SITE WHERE THEY CAN BUY THE PRODUCT. Each link is product specific. I don't just want to do drop shipping. I can't afford an expert. Please advise as soon as humanly possible. Pleeeessssseeee!

Very Respectfully,

Frustrated in Las Vegas

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Hello, I also have the same question as the lady above. Instead of "Add to Cart", just add a text with the link to a website we wish, neither Amazon, nor Etsy. This is because we might be handling affiliate offers today with different parties.

The code added and the article referred by Shopify is easy to implement but it is about a contact link. How do I do when instead of a contact link I wish to add a website instead of a email. 

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I think you can build a product page with the button with a link redirecting to affiliate products, as you wish, using a Page Builder. I suggest that you can use PageFly Page Builder. It has about 25 elements, quite flexible. And importantly, it can build any pages, homepage, product pages, individual landing page...Still free now

Hope this helps 😉

Download free Shopify theme:
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Spreadr is against Amazon TOS.  Be careful, you can get shut down.  in fact.. shopify should really shut down the app!