Requesting emails when a product is added to Cart

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Hi All,

I have recently seen some stores ie. The iconic and ASOS request an email from (new) customers when they add an item to the cart. My question is, in your opionion would this

a. Disrupt the purchase funnel and potential miss a sale?

b. No, this is fine as online shoppers are more comfortable with sharing their details these days. There is an element of recipricocity involved. This will also enhance your abandoned cart retrieval rates.

Second question (more important if you answered b) are there any free apps that do this?


Thanks in advance everyone 🙂


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My answer is A.

 It will Disrupt the purchase funnel and potential miss a sale.

You can ask email address by saying that get e-invoice directly in your email.

There are many ways you can ask email id of customers. don't interrupt the purchasing process.

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Hi Greer!

I agree with John-Smith (if that's your real name!), you should definitely not try and distrupt the purchase funnel. If someone is about to buy your product, the last thing you want to do is show them a popup and give them any reason to not complete their order.

However, there are frictionless ways to collect contact info for someone when they add an item to their cart, and that is by utilizing Facebook Messenger marketing.

Using the Facebook Messenger checkbox, your store can automatically detect who the customer is and connect with them over Facebook Messenger. There is no disruption to the purchase funnel and most stores who implement this are able to multiply the number of customers they connect with by 2 to 3x.

Once you have connected with a customer on Facebook Messenger, you can:

  • Send them an abandoned cart message.
  • Send receipt, shipping, back in stock, and custom messages.
  • A ton more.

This is an example of the checkbox on a Shopify store, you can see that it automatically knows who I am (you can try it yourself on the Pure Cycles website here).

You can set up these Facebook Messenger campaigns using Octane AI, and you can read about best practices on the Shopify blog.

Let me know if you have any other questions or want to chat. 

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