Retargeting size - Huge difference Shopify / Facebook why? (not IOS)

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The problem with tracking has gotten worse, but it feels like there is far too much loss of data here. 90% data loss latest 30 days (has been like this 6 monh now) CAPI is set up completely correctly, confirmed by Meta. 
There is data coming in but too little data. See the numbers below. We know about the IOS tracking problem but this discrepancy is way to high. We have a data loss of 90% and we cant find out what the problem is.

Our retargeting audience in Facebook is only 10% of  the total visits of Shopify. 

Retargeting data last 30 days:
Shopify: ~16000 visitors
Google Analytics: ~12500 visitors
Meta retarget audience: ~1200 visitors

This is a 90% loss of data. Most people is talking about 50% data loss but not 90%..

With the numbers above, our funnels and retarget are working very unprofitably and we suspect that something is wrong. Shopify's support can't really see that something is wrong here and we're starting to wonder if something else is wrong. The pixel reports, but in our eyes it reports too little - how do you find out about something like that and what can be done?

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Hi @sweeco 


This is Glass It, a price tracking solution which can improve your profit margins while staying competitive in your target market. Based on the info you provided it sounds like you have to check with Facebook/Meta regarding your pixel setup.  Pixel is registering some of your visitor traffic, so it does seem to be working.


Regarding the traffic/reach on Facebook, we also have a Facebook Page that we run along side our Instagram page with over 18K followers on FB, and a few hundred on IG. Our reach on FB has been pretty abysmal lately, despite being our largest following. For example a story shared on both platforms is getting little to no views on FB for some reason, despite having several thousand more followers than IG. This can also be due to a variety of reasons however. For example our Facebook following is comprised mostly of a foreign demographic, which may not be as interested in some of the things meant for domestic viewers.